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Some General Remarks On The Year 2019

simon bentley white eagle astrology schoolI think now we have got to a point where I no longer have to repeat what I have said for quite some time now about Pluto’s passage through Capricorn, but I am doing so nevertheless! I take no credit for time proving right my assertion about its effects, but the fact was and is that it will continue to have a major effect on world affairs both politically and institutionally, uncovering corruption and lack of truth wherever they may be found. As always, we need to remember that these challenging experiences come to humanity to help us to learn and grow, however unpalatable they may be. Pluto continues its inexorable elimination of all that is unwanted as it helps the world to move forward to a better future. In the midst of all the problems and chaotic conditions of the world at present, we need to hold our nerve and remind ourselves continually that we truly are on the path to that better future. It will be interesting to see what happens as Saturn and, later, Jupiter approach a conjunction with Pluto, but this will not happen until 2020.

 July - September 2019

uranus white eagle astrologyThe mutual aspects involving Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune and Pluto persist (see general remarks above), with little change; none of these planets move very much during this period, likewise Uranus.

A lunar eclipse in the middle of July is closely configured with Pluto, so some definite and significant change may take place, both in national/political life and in the lives of individuals whose charts are touched by the configuration. For individuals, balance between the working and domestic sides of life may be particularly important (Moon/Pluto in Capricorn, Sun in Cancer).

April - June 2019plutor white eagle astrology

Perhaps surprisingly, this looks to be a somewhat less complicated period, although there is still a need to remember that the issues mentioned in the general remarks for the year continue to apply. The mutual aspects involving Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune and Pluto persist, with some slight modifications in strength.

January - March 2019

neptuner white eagle astrologyA solar eclipse early in January occurs close to Saturn and sextile to Neptune, stimulating the aspect between them (see above). This has an underlying helpful influence, even though times are testing. For a few days around 21 January, Venus and Mars form a configuration with Jupiter and Neptune, all near the middle of the signs they occupy; Venus joins Jupiter in mid-Sagittarius while Mars is in its own sign of Aries; the configuration is stimulated further by a lunar eclipse on that date. Mars mediates the tension between Neptune and Venus-Jupiter, with the result that at worst, disappointment and the shattering of illusion may prompt aggressive action, but at best we have an opportunity to use such disillusion to promote truth, fairness and justice, in however small a way. It will a testing time while it lasts.

October - December 2018

jupitertopr white eagle astrologyWhile the harmonious aspect between Saturn and Uranus lingers for a few weeks longer [see notes on the previous quarter], it is overtaken, as it were, by Jupiter’s move from Scorpio into Sagittarius in early November. As that change is taking place, Jupiter for a few days forms an aspect with Uranus which suggests a certain release of tension but a tendency to over-excitement in a general way. However, Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, so the planet is entering its own sign, a good place to be. Saturn is in its own sign too, being currently in Capricorn, so both those two important heavy planets will then be in their own signs at the same time. This will continue to be the case until nearly the end of next year , and is the first time that it has happened for nearly sixty years. Jupiter and Saturn balance each other well, so that any situation in which they are working together has the potential for steady progress.

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