The Sky Now

July - September 2011


The emphasis on the cardinal signs, discussed on this page earlier in the year, continues, although the ‘multiple occupancy’ of Aries has now ended, with Uranus the only planet still in that sign. The Sun and Venus are in Cancer; Mars enters it soon after they leave. Saturn is in Libra and Pluto in Capricorn. At times, mostly when the Moon is in a cardinal sign, a cross will be formed, and at these times the feeling of incessant activity will be acute.

Jupiter Spot As earlier in the year, many of us will find it necessary deliberately to stop from time to time to take breath and look objectively at what is happening in our lives. The Saturn-Pluto square gradually dissolves during this period; however, both planets being in cardinal signs still emphasises the general feeling of much activity. As earlier in the year, we may need to work hard to remain objective and dispassionate, over both personal issues and global ones.

Leo Jupiter is now in Taurus and the relative stability of this placing helps to mediate the cross, but also highlights the spiritual dangers of seeking escape from the challenges presented by the cardinal cross by taking ‘refuge’ in material desires and pleasures. It does, however, afford some relief, and may possibly indicate a minor economic improvement in some parts of the world.

Neptune Neptune made its first excursion into Pisces this year, entering the sign on 4 April. Chiron moved into Pisces in March, and is still in close conjunction with Neptune. Pisces is Neptune’s own sign, so the planet is ‘happy’ there and manifests without restriction. This is good for vision and expansion of consciousness, less easy for practical matters and general clear-headedness.

Virgo Neptune can sometimes denote chaos and muddle! Chiron has been with Neptune for a couple of years now, first in Aquarius and now in Pisces, adding its own maverick influence, but beneath that there is a story about opportunities to heal. Since Pisces is intimately connected with religious matters, it is to be hoped that the passage of Chiron through Pisces will help us to bring resolution and healing to some of the seemingly intractable religious problems facing the world. As usual, the opportunity is there, but it is up to us to grab it and use it. This conjunction in Pisces also tells us something about the power of prayer – let us use that too!

Solar System Neptune temporarily retrogrades into Aquarius in early August, but moves back into Pisces (permanently) next February. There is a partial solar eclipse on 1 July, which although visible only in the Antarctic will certainly be felt, as it highlights the cardinal cross mentioned earlier. The Sun and Moon of the eclipse oppose Pluto and are squared by both Uranus and Saturn.

Libra Uranus, now at the beginning of Aries, is gradually forming a square with Pluto. It will not become exact this year, but will be within orbs for a long time – about three years. The first exact ‘hit’ will be next year and there will be at least two more before the aspect dissolves again. This is going to highlight conflict between the desire to ‘bring in the new’ (Uranus in Aries) and the vested interests and power of the old (Pluto in Capricorn). In the end, Uranus will probably win, as Pluto is undermining and breaking up the old in any case, as we are already seeing in so many ways. We continue to live in ‘interesting times’!

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